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Museum Quality Mounting

We can help you preserve artwork and photographs, using high quality acid-free materials.

We Use The Following Archival Quality Mounting Materials Based On “Wilhelm Imaging Research” (WIR) Ratings

Archival Mounting – Protective Spray (UV) – UV Glass

pH neutral Mounting and Matting – Preservation Framing, offering only the best supplies the industry has to offer.

Mounting Material

1. Gator Foam – 3/16″ thick rigid material, with acid-free adhesive.
2. Gator Foam – 1/2″ thick rigid material, with acid-free adhesive
3. Foamcore – 3/16″ thick semi-rigid material, with acid-free adhesive.
4.Standout Mount – 3/4″ thick acid free lightweight board banded with hard edge. Provides an attractive “frameless frame”.
5. Mural Mount – 1-1/2 thick acid-free lightweight boards band with an attractive hard edge. Provides an attractive “frameless frame”.
6. Aluminum – best archive material for serious museum and gallery use
7. Mat Board – acid-free hardboard
8. Stretcher Board – for mounting canvas

Protective Materials

1. UV Protective spray
2. UV Glass